Short or long, which Saz should I buy?

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Short or long, which Saz should I buy?

Before a Saz is purchased, basic questions need to be clarified:

Do I need a Short Neck or better a Long Neck Baglama?

About that I want to mention:

• Which Saz is more appropriate depends on the strived style of the music.

For Turkish Folk Music, a ShortNeck Saz will surely be the right one.

The Kurdish Halay dances are played often in ShortNeck Tuning on LongNeck instruments, as it is more suitable for the pitch of the singing.

For the styles like Arabesk I would recommend a LongNeck Baglama.


• It is to clarify which technique is played.

The Baglama Tuning is usually played on a ShortNeck Saz.

If the desire for the Karadüzen Tuning exists, should be used a LongNeck Saz.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at ANATOLIAN SOUNDS.



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